Tien Ma’s Menu Revamp

The year of the Fire rooster is here! Come and have a taste of authentic Taiwanese cuisine. Join Tien Ma’s and celebrate as we announce the revamp of our new menu. Everyone can choose from an array of options. Choices that will overwhelm the taste buds of our customers, first timers included. Indulge spending on good food since all our meals, as most of you already know, come with a very reasonable price!

Since Tien Ma’s opening, it lived up to its name of being delicious and affordable. Customers keep on returning because they always get their money’s worth. Now, people have more reasons to visit and go back. Last January 26, we added more than 20 new dishes to excite everyone’s palate!

From appetizers down to desserts, consumers will surely have something new to try. Excited? We picked out some of our favorite dishes for proper introduction:


Hakaw (4 pcs/serving) – P95

Hakaw, just like Siomai, is a staple menu for every Taiwanese or Chinese restaurant. This type of dumpling is famous for its soft texture. It comes with a burst of Asian flavors to the mouth on the first bite.



Beef Brisket & Wanton Noodles – P210

Brisket is a cut of cow meat that slowly melts in your mouth when cooked right – long and slow. The tender quality of the beef is what makes it lusciously irresistible. Paired with the ever favorite Wanton, this meal will surely satisfy one’s palate. This bowl of goodness, that is the most authentic type of Taiwanese beef noodle soup in the Metro by the way, is perfect for those who are not only searching for a dish to warm  the tummy, but also for those craving for that special flavor you only get from homemade soups.


Tainan Fried Chicken

Half – P225 | Whole – 350

Tainan is considered as the culinary center of Taiwan. If someone yearns to experience authentic Taiwanese cuisine, then this is the most ideal place to stop over. They offer a wide variety of food for all types of customers. Good thing Tien Ma’s made it convenient for everyone to have a taste of everything, without going overseas. One perfect example is their version of every occasion’s darling; the fried chicken. The lightly salted crispness of the skin is what makes it all the more appetizing. Unlike others, Tien Ma’s chicken meat comes with a naturally sweet, juicy taste and texture. Add to that the creamy gravy that comes with it, then you’re off to have your most rewarding meal for the day.


Honey Lemon Chicken – P219

Here is another addition to your current favorites: the crispy chicken with a gorgeous amount of honey lemon sauce on top. Foodies will definitely enjoy this one because of its crusty outer layer and soft meat underneath. Paired with a sweet plus tangy taste of the Honey Lemon sauce, we’re sure this plate will get each and everyone’s approval.


Salt and Pepper Spareribs – P219

Tien Ma’s take to the well-loved Pork spareribs recipe. This renowned meal can pass as both an appetizer and a main dish. Crunchy and juicy with a dash of spices, one cannot resist to have another serving of rice to complement the rich succulent flavor of this viand.


Salted Egg Prawn – P350

Another recipe that is a sure hit for customers, especially seafood lovers is our Salted Egg Prawn.  Its a combination of egg, butter, milk and prawn, all cooked to perfection.  Certified finger licking goodie infused with spices, every bite is a sure delight. It’s just one of the many additions to our menu that will make you ask for extra rice!


Mango Sago – P65

One of the famous Asian fruit desserts has finally landed on our menu. For those who fancy some gratifying sweetness after a flavor-rich heavy meal, this is a must try treat.  A simple recipe that have won the sweet tooth of many: a combination of mango, milk, sugar and sago.


Melon Sago – P65

Just like the Mango Sago, this sweet delicacy is a perfect choice for someone who is not only longing for a sweet delight, but also looking for other confection options other than the usual cakes and pastries.  An ideal choice one can savor without regret. The melon gives a refreshing kick and balances the sweetness in general.

Of course, your Tien Ma’s experience will not be complete without trying some of our signature dishes as well.



Original – P200 | Black Mushroom w/ Truffle Oil – P240 | Cheese – P215 | Assorted – P240

First on the roll is the famous Xiao Long Bao! Broth made from secret Taiwanese ingredients, combined with tender ground pork, and wrapped in perfectly delicate dough to seal the flavor of each piece. These tasty treasures are best enjoyed when dipped in black vinegar with shredded ginger.

Aside from the distinguished original recipe, we also came up with two additional mouth-watering varieties for this soup dumpling: The Black Mushroom with Truffle Oil and Cheese Xiao Long Bao.Infused with cheese and black mushroom, we’re sure you’ll be requesting for more of these specialties. Both are being offered to add flavor and assortment to the staple luxury.


Scallion Beef Stir Fry – P219

Stir fry is a kind of cooking technique wherein all the ingredients are fried in a small amount of oil. This is one of the signature methods being used in Asian cuisines like Taiwan. As one of customers’ adored dishes, Scallion Beef Stir Fry managed to retain its place in our menu. Because of its delectable flavor, the sauce alone can be partnered with rice! What more when you taste the tender meat and scallion’s subtle flavor of onions? Well, you be the judge. This platter of meat goes with the Salted Egg Prawn and Salt and Pepper Spare Ribs as certified steamed rice partners!


Who says you have to fly out of the country just to satisfy your Taiwanese cuisine cravings? These are just a few of the new and existing dishes that we have always presented and yet to offer. Visit the nearest outlet and take a chomp of our new menu. Who knows, you might pick a different set of favorites.




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